2022 Results


LIT 2022 has again been an extremely successful run! In total we had 1070 teams with thousands contestants participate from across the globe, including but not limited to the US, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, China, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Romania, and more. In addition, we gathered $33,000 worth of prize, a substantial increase compared to last year (5 folds). Even for the standard, we received a total of 3122 submissions during the standard round. Therefore the LIT Organizers want to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm! It really means a lot to see people come and take part in this incredible journey. We hope you enjoyed all of our problems and learned something along the way.

Now, for the juicy part everybody is waiting for, the winners! (Please imagine drum roll effects)

And the Winners for Standard round are!

1. boom_zero 2. oolimry fun club 3. Your lips very soft Also congratulations to our 4-10th places, who are: Prizes 🎉

We would also like to applaud the ineligible team Radewoosh! The solo team member Radewoosh was the first to AK and even helped identify many typos in the problems. We tried to offer a special prize, but he was too kind and refused it :p, so a huge shoutout to him.

If you are interested in more statistics about our standard round, you can also visit the scoreboard CLICK ME.

Now, for the CTF round. And the winners are!

1. nushmallows 2. Inf=ExLot 3. zazolcgeslajazn Also congratulations to our 4-5th places, who are: Prizes 🎉
We have also sent out Wolfram Award of 1 year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition and 1 year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro (worth $375) to all of our top 30 participants. A huge thanks to Wolfram Alpha for their generous sponsorship.

For the CTF writeup contests, here are the winners from each category: Each of the winners will receive $40 in cash for their excellent well-crafted writeups!
Finally, for the special prizes:

The best post-HS team winning $100 in cash is
God damn it Moses, stop procrastinating. I gave you a week to make a teamname. The winner of Future Programmers Prize winning $80 in cash is
the_laggers The pro-Tetris player who won $20 from Game Night is thewaxmango
Congratulations to our winners for their superb performance!

We would also like a say a huge thank you to Jason Gonzalez and Eric Yang from the CTF team PeanutButter.jar. Not only did they write many of the high quality problems, but they also guided us in the general hosting process. The CTF round would not have been possible without their help. They are actually hosting their own CTF contest in late Fall, so if you liked our tournament, you should definitely check them out as well!

Thank you all so much for coming, and we hope to see you again next year (in either Spring or next Summer)!

- LIT organizers ❤️

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