2023 Results


LIT 2023 has come to a very successful finish! This year, we had over 1,407 teams register and thousands of contestants competing globally for a prize pool worth over $40,000. Just during the Standard Round, we received a total of 4,465 submissions. The LIT Organizers would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm this year! We hope you enjoyed our problems and learned something along the way ❤️

Now for the part everyone's been waiting for: this year's winners! (Please imagine drum roll effects)

The winners of the Standard Round are:
  1. X-Camp Ruby Will Win
  2. Red and Black Skittles
  3. meow_meow_meow
Also congratulations to our 4-8th places, who are:
  1. Tableflip
  2. Team Poland
  3. batswana potato pride
  4. Genshin Players
  5. ------- PRIZE CUTOFF -------
Prizes 🎉
If you are interested in more statistics about our standard round, you can also visit this year's scoreboard.

Now, for the CTF round. The winners are:
  1. Squid Proxy Haters
  2. ARESx
  3. les amateurs
Also congratulations to our 4-8th places, who are:
  1. neil
  2. KebabEngineers
  3. cr3mov
  4. blahaj_SG
  5. Kitchens Ketchup Foots on Feet with Crying Copium over Potassium Fried Clowns
Prizes 🎉

For the CTF writeup contests, here are the winners from each category: Each of the winners above will receive $50 for their excellent writeups!

Here are some writeup honorable mentions! These authors did an incredible job on their writeups, and made it to the final selection round! 🔥

The winners of the Post-HS prize are: The winners of the Future Programmers prize are:
Our top 3 pro Tetris players from Game Night are:
  1. QuantumHornet - $25
  2. kyuukyuusha - $15
  3. guest lol - $10

Congratulations to all of our winners for their superb performance! Thank you all so much for coming, and we hope to see you again next year!

- LIT Organizers ❤️