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Problem Statement

You are a CS teacher at Lexington High School with a class of N students. After a final exam, you were curious to see what the total score of your all students is.

Feeling a bit lazy, you decided that instead of summing all the scores by hand, you would write a program to calculate the total value

Additional Notes

This problem does not reflect the difficulty of this contest, but is merely for familiarization and testing purposes.
Time limit for Java and C++ is 2.5 seconds, and for Python is 5 seconds.
Memory limit for all languages is 128mb
Finally, the problem uses standard IO(so not reading files)


1 ≤ N ≤ 10^5
0 ≤ a_i ≤ 100

Input format

The first line contains a single integer, N, the total number of students. The second line contains N integers, with the i th number being a_i, the score of the i th student.

Output format

You should output an integer, that indicates the sum of all the scores

Sample inpt

99 64 12 57 82

Sample output


Sample Solutions(this will not be on the contest)


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