LIT 2021 has officially ended 🎉🎉🎉! Thank you all so much for coming ❤️. For more information about the Statistics and Winning Teams, please CLICK ME.

We have also opened up Standard Round problems to everyone, so you can upsolve them HERE.

LIT 2021 🔥

LIT(Lexington Informatics Tournament) is a competitive programming tournament for middle/high school students, hosted by members of the LexMACS club along with many guest problemsetters/testers.

Participants are allowed/encouraged to form teams of up to three, solving the challenges together. During the contest window (7/15 11am to 7/19 11:59pm est), teams can choose when they want to start their Standard Round. When the window ends, scores will be compiled and we will release a leaderboard. The CTF round runs during most of the contest window (7/16 11am to 7/18 11:59pm est) with a live scoreboard, so teams have all 3 days to work on it. Additionally, teams with exceptional performance will also receive certain prizes. For more information about the two rounds, please check the Logistics page.

Finally, please join us on LIT Discord Server to obtain the latest information, ask questions, and form teams with others.

Explore New Formats

Traditional OI format can be boring — you are given some problems in a set amount of time, and you need to solve as many problems as possible. That is why, on top of a standard format OI contest, we will also be hosting a guts CTF round (you can learn more about it in the Logistics page). So even if you are already familiar with competitive programming, we promise that the CTF round will provide a whole new refreshing experience.


In total, we have a prize pool worth more than $7000! Here are the specifics:

Standard Round Prizes
Additionally, the top 50 participants will receive a year of Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition.

CTF Round Prizes
We are also giving out raffle prizes, so all participants have a chance at winning something!
Finally, join LIT GAME NIGHT for greater chance at winning raffle/mystery prizes ;) It is at Friday 8 PM EDT. More information can be found on the Discord server.


We'd also like to say a huge thank you to the following sponsors for their support!

We are also partners with CPI. So if you’re interested in more high school programming contests like LIT, join the Competitive Programming Initiative’s mailing list here.

If you are interested in sponsoring us, please send us an email at lexmathcsclub@gmail.com!
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