July 15th 2021

July 16th 2021

July 18th 2021

July 19th 2021


(All time are in EDT)

Team Formation

People of all ages are allowed to participate, but only teams composed solely of high school/middle school students are eligible for prizes. Students may form teams of up to three, and are allowed to discuss in-contest, access the internet, and use reference books. However, communication between non-team members is strictly forbidden during the contest window, and will be disqualified. Note that you can create two separate teams for the Standard and CTF rounds if you have different teammates

Standard Round

The standard round's format is similar to USACO. You are given 8 problems and 3 hours to solve them. You can complete this round at any time during our 5 days contest window. For the first three problems, the difficulty will be about bronze to silver USACO level, focusing less on efficiency and more on the ability to program. As for the last five problems, their difficulties will be approximately gold to platinum, and only well-optimized programs can pass.

CTF round

This year, we are going to host a CTF-style contest as our guts round! In CTF, you are given a series of problems related to Computer Science topics such as Web exploitation, Image Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Binary Exploit, etc. And you have to solve the problem to capture the flag, which you can submit to get points! You can learn more about it in our CTF contest page once you login. Note that unlike the Standard Round's 3 hours duration, you can work on the CTF round during the entirety of the 3 days contest window. You can find even more details on CTF once you login and go on the Contest Page.


Participants are allowed to submit their program in the following 3 languages: C++, Java, or Python. After submission, you are immediately given feedback. However, similar to USACO, you won't know exactly where you're wrong, instead, you will receive one of the following 4 symbols: C(Correct), W(Wrong Answer), T(Time Limit Exceed), or R(Runtime Error/Memory Limit Exceed).

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