About Us

Who are we?

We are LexMACS(Mathematical Computer Science Club) at Lexington High School in Massachusetts. We aim to combine both CS and math to explore how mathematical concepts can be very useful when applied with Computer Science, such as in Artificial Intelligence. If you also attend Lexington High School, you are welcome to join us (visit HERE for more info). Also much thanks to all the guest problem-testers and problem-setters!
Hannah S ('23)
Alicia L ('2?)
Alex Fan ('23)

Egor Gagushin ('22)
Jeff Lin ('23)
Kevin Zhao ('22)

Andrew Shin ('24)

Guest Organizers ❤️

Jason Gonzalez ('22)
Eric Yang ('24)
Aeren <3

Xavier Plourde ('21)
Albert Zhu ('22)
Patrick Zhang ('19)
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